like the seasons,
our boxes change, too.

treat yourself or someone special to a Snack-from-Home box.

The gift of a thoughtful package is a great way to show someone you care. Our premium snack box is the perfect gift to share.

We keep your wellbeing a top priority. Stay engaged, productive and most importantly satisfied with premium healthy snacks.

Our unique curation of snacks is vetted by our expert team of nutritionists and supertasters, so good-for-you and good tasting are the same thing. Our snack standards include all natural, non-GMO, organic, sustainable, and WELL certified.

Small Box: 20+ Snacks

Medium Box: 30+ Snacks

Large Box: 50+ Snacks

Small Box: 20+ Snacks

Medium Box: 30+ Snacks

Large Box: 50+ Snacks

Coffee Box: Snacks & Coffee

Proud Wellbeing Partners

garten's product assortment

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We are deeply invested in curating your food program with a focus on nutrition, choice, and overall wellbeing.


More is not always better. We leverage data to create a premium product assortment spanning garten’s nutrition tiers to ensure nourishing options are abundant and readily accessible.


We believe variety is part of the wellbeing journey and offer new product introductions monthly.


We partner and source from like-minded organizations who believe business can be a force for good.


Our product assortment approach meets individuals where they are on their own personal wellbeing journey by providing a balance of what they want & what they need.


We source foods responsibly to protect the health of people and the planet.


We measure and track our assortment commitment.

What's in the box?

We rotate our snack offerings periodically with unique finds and nutritious offerings. Typically, about a quarter of the box consists of various healthy bars, a third is salty/crunchy snacks, with the remaining contents made up of savory, sweet or cookie/cracker snacks.

What about specific dietary needs?

A variety of the snacks included in our Everything Box are vegetarian, nut-free and gluten-free. We also have a specialized "almost vegan" Vegetarian Box.

How are the snack boxes delivered?

Depending on location, most orders are shipped via standard 2-day delivery from the order date and are always delivered in a 'contactless' manner.

Does the box include coffee or other beverages?

Depending on the box you choose, boxes may include drinks, coffee & tea. Medium boxes come with two drinks and one 6oz bag of coffee, while the large boxes contain two drinks, two 6oz bags of coffee and a box of tea.

those in need.

A portion of all snack box sales will be donated towards the California Wildfire Relief Fund.


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