Live Plant Box - Summer 2021

Live Plant Box - Summer 2021

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Liven up your workspace!

NOTE: Live Plant Boxes do not ship until Mid-to-late August.

Our Live Plant Box includes two 6" easy-to-take-care-of plants and a Plant "First-Aid Kit" that includes everything you need to troubleshoot your plant woes, including neem oil, diatomaceous earth, activated charcoal and rooting powder. 

Types of plants in box:

Expertly curated plants in this offering are relatively low maintenance and good for people who don't know much about plant care. Potential low light, pet-friendly, good for beginner plants that can include the following:

• Red Prayer Plant
• Beauty Kim Prayer Plant
• Boston Fern
• Bird's Nest Fern
• Staghorn Fern
• Autumn Fern
• Pilea

Benefits to having plants:

Plants have been scientifically proven to purify our air, improve our overall mood, boost creativity, and reduce stress/anxiety levels. Not to mention that they also make our spaces feel so much better and beauti-full-er. They're the perfect remedy for us not being able to go outdoors as much and a fun DIY quarantine activity to pass the time spent indoors.